4 Important factors to consider when choose clothes

You see it all the time where women have got it so wrong. What I mean by this is where you see women that have nice clothes, hair do and makeup but they don’t look amazing. The reason being they have chosen the wrong clothes. So how to choose clothes that are going to make you look wow?

1. You need to work with your body shape. This is where I tell people to look beyond fashion. There is no point in buying something that is the height of fashion but in a million years is not going to look good on your body shape. A prime example is skinny jeans on someone who is heavy in the legs. It is never going to be flattering and probably will always be uncomfortable to the wearer. A pair of nicely cut jeans is always going to look and feel better. It pays to spend a little time working out what shape you are and what styles will work best with that shape to give you the best look. Put the time in now before you go shopping and you wont get pulled in the direction of “it’s in fashion”. I also find those who are choosing clothes based on body shape tend to make better long term choices and find they have clothes they wear and love for longer.

2 Clothes that suit your skin tone and hair color. Like body shape you also have to look beyond fashion. Some colors no matter how much they are in fashion will always make you look sick. We tend to have favorite colors for a reasom These are the colors that always look good on us and while it is nice to mix it up, they should be our wardrobe staples. If you stick to a few colors within your wardrobe you will find you have far more outfit combinations and will get better use and wear out of your clothes.

3. Never buy clothing just because it is on sale. I know how easy it is to get sucked in by the sales rack but don’t go there. They are sitting on the sales rack for a reasom If you take a good look at the sales rack you will see items of clothing that are the wrong color and wrong shape. That is why no one else wanted them and the stores have had to heavily reduce them. They weren’t going to look good on you at the original price and they still wont look good on you even if you are making a sizable saving.

4. Consider your lifestyle. There is no point in choosing lovely evening clothes if you are a stay at home mum who never goes out to bars anymore. Yes you want the clothes you choose to uplift you but they wont do that if they stay in the wardrobe waiting for the right event. So when choosing clothes always have in the back of your mind when and where you will wear this.

I hope this has given you some food for thought next time you are confronted with how to choose clothes.